Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Servings: 10

Ingredients :

3 cups whole-wheat flour
1 tbsp. sugar
2 tsps. caraway seeds
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. sea salt
¼ cup chilled butter, cubed into small pieces
1 large egg, beaten
1½ cups buttermilk

Directions : 

1.In a suitable bowl, mix the flour, sugar, caraway seeds, baking soda and salt and mix well.

2. With a pastry cutter, add in the butter flour until coarse crumbs like mixture is formed.

3. Make a small-well in the center of the dry flour mixture.

4. In the well, add the egg, followed by the buttermilk and with a spatula, mix well.

5. With floured hand, shape the dough into a ball.

6. Place the prepared dough onto a floured surface and lightly need it.

7. Shape the dough into a 6-inch ball.

8. With a serrated knife, score an X on the top of the dough.

9. Arrange the dough in lightly greased the “Air Fryer Basket” and insert in the air fryer.

10. Cook the food at 350 degrees F/ 175 degrees C for 30 minutes on Air Crisp mode.

11. Carefully, invert the bread onto wire rack to cool completely before slicing.

12. Cut the bread into desired-sized slices and serve.

Per serving:

Calories 205

Total Carbs 31.8 g

Net Carbs 6g

Protein 5.9 g

Fat 5 g

Sugar 1.2 g

Fiber 4